Photo of Liz
Photo of Liz

Hi, I’m Liz.

Liz McBride Vitamin T Agent Portland, OR

As someone who has always loved to play matchmaker, I’m thrilled to be able to connect the best creative talent in Portland with the design-minded companies who love them, on a daily basis! I specialize in the placement of graphic designers, front-end developers, UX Designers, copywriters, and project managers.

When I’m not playing matchmaker, I can be found cheering on my favorite sports team, chasing my adorable nieces and nephews around, or exploring the world with my husband.

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  • RT @GeorgeTakei: There are indeed some grave and instant threats to our nation, our very social fabric. The latest? ROMPERS.
  • RT @hodakotb: Happy Friday xoxo
  • RT @HarvardBiz: Stress is caused not by other people or external events, but by your reactions to them.
  • @melmyers excellent article in @Adweek with a ton of great advice for anyone trying to get in at any top agency!
  • RT @Adweek: A @WiedenKennedy recruiter shares her best advice on how to stand out from the competition: https://t.c…

Liz is one of our awesome agents for Portland, OR who can’t wait to help you.


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